The Story of "the Grape"

Once upon a time (1971-72 ish), we (Mike Greif, Katzie Boy, JB?, Wilson? and I) were driving down Nichols Road near SUNY at Stony Brook in Mike's black Olds 442  and we passed an odd chap with a bicycle on the shoulder of the road. Katzie Boy yelled out his open window, "Hey, you grape". We all laughed a lot. I was more profoundly affected by Katzie Boy's taunt. It dawned on me at that moment that everyone was a grape. I proceeded to share this insight with all within earshot for most of my waking hours. This made sense to the entire bunch of grapes I was in the company of. In a few days, I had been dubbed the Grape by my disciples. This suited me just fine as my mother and father had the wild idea that I should be called "Henry" (how absurd). 

One other related insight I espoused was that all dogs are named "Rudy" (as are many other animals)