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Yo soy la Uva (Spanish)

Ik ben de Druif (Dutch)

Sono l'Uva (Italian)

Je suis le Raisin (French)

Ang pangalan ko ay ang Ubas (Philippine)

我是葡萄 Putao (Chinese)

Ich bin die Traube (German)

私はブドウである (Japanese)

Eu sou a Uva (Portuguese)

minä olen Viinirypäle (Finland)

Είμαι το σταφύλι (Greek)

Jestem Winogrono (Polish)

Я буду виноградиной (Russian)

Maiṁ agūra hāṁ (Punjabi)

Ja sam Grozd (Croatian)

Khaghogh Em(Armenian)

jag är Druvan (Swedish)

jeg er Druen (Norwegian)

Én vagyok a Szőlő (Hungarian)

Ego sum Uva (Latin)

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